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Lorenna Love's Profile

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Lorenna Love

Customers rated Lorenna Love 5 out of 5 based on 94 reviews

Nasty @Flirt_Babes from @LiveCamsMansion
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Live Cams Mansion Isolation Time!

Mar 23rd @ 10:37am EDT

Hey guys,

It's time to isolate ourselves and me and the other babes are doing it in Live Cams Mansion! You can come in and spy on us any time. This will go on for some time so, don't worry, we'll be with you!

It will be fun for everyone to be in the same place! Don't miss the party!


HouseWarming Party by Flirt Babes

Mar 6th @ 5:43am EST

Hey guys,

It's spring and sunny and you deserve a bit of fun. Just like we all do. Guess what? Flirt Babes can give it to you!

We are having a party to introduce our new home to you. It will happen on 7th of March at 4 PM EST so let's see what will happen.

I am sure you will like it!

Love for a heart this Valentine's Day

Feb 8th @ 4:38am EST

Hey guys,

Just like my name, I am a fan of love...And I am sure you are a fan of me so why not get all these hearts this Valentine's Day? You know I like them and it will make me very happy.

My shows are starting on February 9th at 11 AM EST, then I have another on 12th February at 1 PM EST and the last one is on 14th February at 12 PM EST! You are invited!

Come to have fun and get some hearts. You know I make the best parties... It's everything you need! A heart is all you need to come in!

Third Place on FOTY!

Jan 4th @ 10:07am EST

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!

I just wanted to give you good wishes for this year and to thank you for making me get the third place on FOTY! It's so exciting and I am so happy for that.

I hope we will have even more fun this year and that we will enjoy more together. You know there is no party like a Lorenna party. Let's make it nasty like me ;)


Christmas Party by Flirt Babes

Dec 19th @ 10:42am EST

Hey guys,

Christmas is almost here and you know I like this holiday. It's also my birthday! That adds something special to it I guess. Oh and the gifts also :)

Me and the other Flirt Babes are having a nice Christmas Party in Live Cams Mansion and we want you to come! It's ok if you've been naughty, we'll like you even more. Of course, we won't say no to nice guys either.

It is happening on Saturday, 22nd December at 3 PM EST and it will be fun!

Save the date and come to enjoy this special holiday with us. We have so much planned. We can't wait to share it with you!

Halloween Zombieland Party by Flirt Babes

Oct 29th @ 1:37pm EDT

Hey everyone!

Are you ready for another Flirt Babes party? Good. Cause the wrong answer would get your brain eaten by the sexy zombies waking up this Halloween in Live Cams Mansion... I mean me and the other Flirt Babes LOL

Don't forget to join us on 31st October at 4 PM EST and enjoy this holiday with us.

We will dance, play games and have fun. Of course, there will be many surprises but you'll have to be there to find out!

FOTY is here!

Sep 30th @ 11:51pm EDT

Hey you guys!

Flirt Of The Year competition has begun and I am both excited and nervous to be in it. I know you guys make me feel much better when youâre around so please, stay with me for this. Every vote and every super vote counts and I know we can do this! I believe in us!

We have three months to climb to the top. Are you ready? I know I am! Go, go, go! Team Lorenna! Canât wait to show everyone what we got! Vote me!

Topless Soccer World Cup Final with Flirt Babes

Jul 14th @ 7:58am EDT

Hello guys,

I am a huge soccer fan but playing topless soccer is much better! This World Cup Final, the Flirt Babes are giving you just that!

Don't be shy, join us tomorrow, Sunday, July 15 at 11 AM EST and we promise to show you many surprises!

Enjoy a free 24-hour access to Live Cams Mansion and celebrate 4th of July with the Flirt Babes

Jul 3rd @ 5:50am EDT

4th of July â" Not only the Independence Day of America, but also the Opening Day of Live Cams Mansion!
The doors of Live Cams Mansion will be open for 24 hours, right after the clock will beat, announcing that it is midnight and we, the Flirt Babes will be ready to sing âHappy Birthday Americaâ while we will be partying all day and all night as we love to do!
So make sure you will join me and the other Flirt Babes, and be part of this special day we're preparing for you. There's no time for sleeping, we've got some fun activities to do, like cooking, dancing, playing some cool games, drinking and, for sure, screaming of pleasure! You don't wanna miss that, will u?
Remember, every single person will be able and free to enter Live Cams Mansion, so let's break the records and see for how long can we party together, until our last pound of energy is gone.

Cinco De Mayo individual shows program

May 2nd @ 7:57am EDT

Cinco de Mayo is officially my favorite celebration. It involves a lot of dancing, partying and of course, a lot of shots! My favorite part.

Now, I wanted to organize some shows just for you. This is when:

Wednesday, 2 May:
11 AM EST- Lorenna Love

Thursday, 3 May:
6 PM EST- Lorenna Love

Friday, 4 May:
9 PM EST- Lorenna Love

Saturday, 5 May:
1 PM EST- Lorenna Love

Mini Lorenna will also be ner me to wish you a warm welcome to our room. So, bring a shot and let's drink! You know how they make me feel!

Saint Patrick's Day Party by Flirt Babes

Mar 10th @ 8:25am EST

Hello guys!

I know you just can't wait for our next party and you're right. They are amazing and entertaining. So, buckle up cause this Tuesday, 13 March at 4 PM EST we are giving you the Saint Patrick's Day Party.

Join me and the other Flirt Babes for some holiday fun and don't forget that after the party we are starting our individual shows and we need to collect shamrocks! So, be prepared! Mini Lorenna can't wait to say hi to you!

March Shows

Mar 2nd @ 8:15am EST

Hello guys!

March brings spring with it and I have something very colorful for you this month.

I have scheduled many shows just for you and me to have a good time. So, let's see what I have in mind.

First we'll start with Saint Patrick's Day Party by Flirt Babes on 13 March at 4 PM EST!

After that, the promo period will start and we will have to collect shamrocks!

This my shows for that contest period:

Wednesday, 14 March at 6 PM EST

Thursday, 15 March at 7 PM EST

Friday, 16 March at 8 PM EST

Saturday, 17 March at 9 PM EST

I really want to place myself as high as possible, so help me out. I promise, in return, I'll be your lucky charm and mini Lorenna will pop on your screen to thank you in her own way.

Next, just before Easter we will have the Ultimate Easter Party by Flirt Babes on 28 March at 4 PM EST.
After, Easter promo starts and we are down for collecting eggs. Are you up for the challenge?

I have my shows scheduled this way:

Thursday, 29 March at 2 PM EST

Friday, 30 March at 6 PM EST

Saturday, 31 March at 7 PM EST

Sunday, 1 April at 1 PM EST

Who will gift me the most eggs? Both me and mini Lorenna will be so grateful to you. And you know what happens when we are grateful ;)

February Scheduled Shows

Feb 7th @ 8:00am EST

Hello there!

How about you show me some love this month? There is a 6-day Valentines Day promo and I should collect as many hearts as possible! So, can we do it?

Don't forget that I have special prizes prepared for you and a nice game to play in the show also :)

It will look like this: I'll have a board filled with my hearts and you will have to give me a heart in order for me to turn it around for you. If the heart you gave me is the same as the heart you chose to turn around, you win a prize! Sounds interesting?

So this is my plan for the next few days:

Friday, 9 February - 8 PM-10 PM EST
Saturday, 10 February - 12 PM-2 PM EST
Sunday, 11 February - 7 PM-9 PM EST
Monday, 12 February - 7 PM-9 PM EST
Tuesday, 13 February - 9 PM-11 PM EST

Come to have some fun and collect some hearts!

New Year's Eve Party by Flirt Babes

Dec 28th @ 11:04am EST

Hello guys!

Cancel all your New Year's Eve plans and join us for the hottest party there is! I bet you want to start the year right and the Flirt Babes are giving you the opportunity to.

Enter the Party on 31 December at 11 PM EST.

You won't need to wish for anything when the clock ticks at midnight. All your wishes will come true the moment you step in.

Try not to be late :)

Daily Raffle Winners

Dec 22nd @ 6:49am EST

Hello guys!

We are almost done with the raffles and here are my winners for the last days:

I have OMD123 who got a special offer for the flirt phone plus seven minutes of free private show with me. Next, there is Nordic70 with the same prize. I also have Chris32479 with the same prize.

Congratulations to everyone!

There is one more raffle left. Buy your tickets if you want to participate. Last chance!

Join us for our Xmas Party on 23 December at 7 PM EST and check our our big Xmas promo! Biggest prizes so far given from models to members! Don't miss your chance!

Good luck everyone!

Xmas Party by Flirt Babes

Dec 20th @ 8:02am EST

Hello guys!

This is the official invitation to our big Xmas Party. You know Flirt Babes know how to have fun, and this time, we are bringing the Xmas spirit with us. Join us on Saturday, 23 December at 7 PM EST and enjoy your holidays with us!

This time, our party will be twice as jolly and we'll triple the fun. How? We have prepared good playlists, awesome dance moves, a lot of drinks, many new games and fabulous prizes. With us, everybody is a winner!

One more thing, we will announce the winners of our big Xmas promo. There is still time to compete!

Join us for the party and let's celebrate Christmas together!

Daily Raffle Winners

Dec 19th @ 10:02am EST

Hello guys!

My Saturday raffle winner was lorenna_Pantyhose who got 15 minutes of private show with me and 20 tickets to use in this week's raffles.

There will be four more random draws and I am really exciting to see who will win. So, buy your ticket on time. Don't let yourself miss a chance to win amazing prizes easily.

Also, our Xmas promo is still ongoing and the winners will be announced on our Xmas party that takes place on 23rd December at 7 PM EST. You still have time to compete for the best prize.

Good luck!

Daily Raffle Winners

Dec 16th @ 7:57am EST

Hello guys!

Last night was intense and here are my winners: First there goes pussylicker who got fan club access and 10 free tickets for the raffle!
Next, comes redfoxx who got 7 minutes private show and 50% discount.
The last, but not least, is LorennaLover who also got 7 minutes of private show with me plus 50% discount.

Congratulations to all the winners and don't forget to buy your tickets for the next random draws. Only 5 raffles left!

Also, check our big Xmas promo! We announce the winners at our Xmas party!

Good luck!

Daily Raffle Winners

Dec 15th @ 7:15am EST

Hello guys!

Daily raffles are ongoing. Let's check the situation for the last two days.

My Wednesday's winner was ladylover who got one month of fan club. Interesting...And the Thursday winner was JJC008 who got a special flirt phone offer!

Good luck and don't forget, random draws take place Tuesday-Saturday at 5 PM EST. Make sure you bought your ticket! Many prizes left to give away!

Daily Raffle Winners

Dec 13th @ 9:25am EST

Hello guys!

Daily Xmas Raffles are ongoing and my yesterday's winner is yessir053 who got 15 minutes of private show with me. Don't forget to buy your tickets and watch our random draw Tuesday-Saturday at 5 PM EST!

Also, check out our Xmas promo! We have many prizes to give away!

Good luck!

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